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Heat Recovery Systems

ComEnCo’s Heat Recovery Systems are designed to help you make optimal use of your existing energy expenditures by re-using heat generated during your industrial process. The heat energy can then be redirected elsewhere resulting in increased energy savings and reduced energy costs.

Meets standard industrial codes

Custom engineering solutions

Local authority approvals

Optimal energy efficiency

The Right Heat Recovery System For Your Needs

Operating temperatures in many process industries can reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon design features. By selecting the correct Heat Recovery System for your needs, you can maximize heat conservation, redirection, and/or reusage. The recovered heat may be suitable for direct use as a recirculated, controlled atmosphere for your manufacturing process, used to sustain initial oxidation of any emission abatement systems you may be using, or recovered in a secondary heat exchanger or waste heat boiler.

Fuel Savings Potential

Whatever your usage, heat recovery offers large fuel saving potential. They are already being used by numerous manufacturers in the following industries

  • Chemical Processes and Production Plants
  • Automotive Paint Systems
  • Wire Enameling
  • Metal Sheet and
  • Strip Coating
  • Soil Remediation
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Printing Processes
  • Converting Processes
  • Magnetic Film Coating
  • Foundry Core
  • Molding
    Plastic and Resin
  • Processing

Plate, Tube & Shell Models

ComenCo designs and manufactures Heat Recovery Systems in plate, tube, and shell models. Welded with 304, 316 or 347 stainless steel, these units are built to the most stringent standards to ensure zero effluent leakage or cross contamination.

Whether you are looking to “tune up” an older manufacturing system – optimizing your energy usage — or are looking for a complete Heat Recovery System, ComEnCo has the model – and experience – to meet your requirements.


  • Lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Flexible, easy and low cost installation

For specifications for your industry, or to find stand alone heat recovery system to best fit your processing needs, contact a ComEnCo representative at (905) 738-6118 email us at Comenco@comenco.com or complete the form. 

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