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In addition to the world-class custom design, manufacturing, and installation of Heat Exchange and Pollution Control Systems that ComEnCo is known for, we also provide comprehensive service packages and turnkey engineering solutions, as well as individually tailored service packages.

Services include:

  • Coordinated, supervised installation
  • Commissioning (ensure equipment starts up to specifications)
  • Training
  • Annual checkups
  • Expert service and repair

Coordinated Installation and Commissioning

ComEnCo’s technicians and engineers are available to assist with the integration, installation, and start-up of our equipment. These services help to minimize problems, as well as to ensure that your heating exchange or pollution control system is operating to specifications right from the start.


ComEnCo can also provide experts to train your personnel in the proper operation and maintenance of your new equipment. With typical operating temperatures ranging from 800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, it is vital that your ComEnCo systems be operated and maintained in optimal condition.

Annual Checkups

The Annual Checkup helps ensure that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Expert Service and Repair

Should the need arise, ComEnCo personnel stand ready to address any problems with your equipment. With sixteen years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing Heat Exchange and Pollution Control Systems, ComEnCo has the expertise on tap to diagnose and correct any issues and get your equipment back online.

ComEnCo can provide technical experts to train you in these key operating areas, manage individual service needs, or provide comprehensive service packages. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution or specific, customized services, ComEnco is your source for your process heating and pollution control needs.

For more information about solutions for your process heating or pollution control requirements, contact a ComEnCo representative at (905) 738-6118 or email us at Comenco@comenco.com.

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