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Thermal, Catalytic Oxidizers & RTO

ComEnCo Systems, Inc.’s Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers enable manufacturers in process heating industries to eliminate industrial exhaust emissions (up to 99%) using the heat generated from the recuperative or regenerative heat exchangers with 60% to 90% thermal efficiency. By the recovered heat, the oxidation equipment enables manufacturers to optimize heat efficiencies and save energy costs, while reducing emissions.

High operating temperatures

Easily shipped and field assembled sections.

Increased thermal efficiencies up to 95 percent.


  • Lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency
  • No solid or liquid waste disposal
  • Flexible, easy and low cost installation
  • Meets regulatory requirements

Typical applications include automotive painting; flexographic and lithographic printing; plastics curing and painting; latex curing; beverage can coating; wire enameling; meat processing; coffee bean roasting; fabric coating; chemical processes; converting processes; and electronics.

ComEnCo manufactures four models of oxidizers:

  • Thermal Oxidizer (C.T.O)
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (R.T.O)
  • Catalytic Oxidizer (C.O)
  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (R.C.O)

Thermal Oxidizers use high operating temperatures (typically 1350 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit) to achieve oxidation. Catalytic Oxidizers enable oxidation at lower operating temperatures (typically 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit) through the introduction of a catalyzing agent. Regenerative Thermal and Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers recycle the heated air, resulting in increased thermal efficiencies – up to 95 percent.

These packaged systems are provided with heat exchanger, burner with controls, catalyst and enclosure, pre-tested and ready for installation. Larger systems are assembled in easily shipped and field assembled sections.

ComEnCo’s Oxidizers enable manufacturers in process heating industries to eliminate VOCs, reuse the cleaned heat, thereby optimizing energy usage while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

For more information about our Oxidizer equipment, contact a ComEnCo representative at (905) 738-6118, email us at Comenco@comenco.com or complete the form.

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